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Meet The Team


Clip Save Coupons is a family operated business. Being that we are a small business ourselves, we understand fully what it means to provide top notch customer service and to deliver on our promises. We strive to provide the best service possible at the lowest prices. We would be honored to provide you with our unique coupon advertising solutions.

Keith Tauber

Founder & Owner

O: 239-303-1280 | M: 239-848-5949


My name is Keith Tauber and Clip Save Coupons is a small family owned and operated publishing business whose primary goal is to provide the very best coupon book, where both consumers and businesses can save money. 


Consumers love the collection of companies offering specials and deals on products and services and businesses love the exposure and new business generated by the consumers. Clip Save Coupons loves helping make that happen.


I have been helping mostly small business owners with advertising for 20 years now. Along the way, I have learned what works and why in a variety of advertising platforms.


I am also an artist and do all the design work. The Lord has blessed me with artistic skills that have helped me to provide superior design service to all of my clients.


I have a lot of experience in magazine sales, online advertising sales, and email marketing sales, and I believe that coupon advertising is the VERY best way to attract new business period. There is no other form of advertising where people actually look for it. When is the last time you looked for a commercial on TV? Or patiently waited to hear a radio commercial? Do you read magazines to read the ads? Probably not, yet, people will drive around town looking for a coupon book.


If you are not using coupons to promote your business you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity. Right now someone is looking at a coupon book for a business to spend money with, will they spend money with you is the question?



Let's get to work together and make this the best year you have ever had.


Keith Tauber


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